In which applications is WPC used?

In general we can say that WPC is used in building profiles such as decking, siding, fencing, pipes ... But we see a change in use.
More and more companies try to use the benefits of the WPC and combine them in technical profiles such as door frames ...

Is it possible to inject WPC?

Beologic supplies a compound which is specially made for injection molding.

Which percentages of wood are possible?

Beologic supplies 'ready-to-use' compounds filled with 25 up to 85% of wood fibres in a matrix of PVC, PP or HDPE.

Which polymer and wood is used by Beologic?

Actually, for the polymer we do not have any specific desire but the most used polymers are PVC, PP or HDPE.
We only use softwood as wood fibre.

Does the material absorb humidity when it stays for a long time in our warehouse?

Beologic granules always have a rest humidity of less than 2%.
The material is packed in coated big bags to avoid that the granules are able to absorb environmental humidity.
This big bag protects for minimum 4 weeks, after this period we can’t guarantee that the granules have the same humidity.

Do I need special equipment to extrude with Beologic material?

The granules from Beologic are especially designed to be extruded on standard double screw extruders with degassing zone.
The only thing you have to be aware of is the tool design.

Are the granules Beologic supplies coloured or do I have to add masterbatch?

Beologic supplies natural granules without colour and also coloured in the mass.
The natural compounds need to be coloured with a masterbatch. At least 3% masterbatch is recommended.
Contact us if you wish to get in touch with experienced masterbatch suppliers.

We also have a standard range of 15 colours which you can choose from. These colours are available on most of our compounds.
The advantage of "coloured in the mass" compounds is the homogenious dispersion of the colour, creating a smooth and uniform look.


Does Beologic also make profiles?

Normally Beologic does not produce the profiles itself. In our demonstration area we only do test runs, demonstrations, modifications of tooling, color checks and new developments.
If you want to have first small series of a certain profile, it's negotiable.

What are the major benefits of WPC?
  • Containing renewable resources !!
  • No warping, doesn't crack nor slit, doesn't rot.
  • Tailoring with traditional wood-tools.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungus properties can be achieved.
  • Less water absorption.
  • Available in several colours. Coloured in the mass.
  • Painting, gluing and varnishing possible with some formulations.
  • Reduced weathering.
  • Feels like wood, natural touch.
  • Higher stiffness than non reinforced plastic.
  • Anti-slip, due to brushed or embossed surface.
  • Recyclable, even end of life.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Adjustable technical properties (ex: E-modulus).
  • Hollow and complex profiles possible.
  • Some formulations screwable or nailable.
  • Wood is PEFC or in some cases FSC certified.

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