Toll processing services

Milling and grinding are increasingly outsourced to specialized toll factories.
Beologic not only has an extensive machine range, but also the experience of developing and manufacturing its own compounds.
This makes us your ideal partner for toll processing.

Send us your raw or semi-finished materials and we will process them to your specifications by one of the services listed below.
As a one-stop-supplier, we can change several services into one project, e.g. formula processing, pelletizing, milling and packaging.


Major advantages of toll processing include:

  • Variety of milling and grinding services (see below)
  • Flexibility to produce small batches on a short notice, e.g. for trial purposes
  • No investment needed for capital equipment
  • Decreased staff and facility cost
  • No turnaround times
Conventional milling

Beologic mills down your pellets and granulates to powders down to sizes as small as 200 microns.

Cryogenic milling

Temperature and friction sensitive substances are hard to mill as they are likely to become sticky during processing.


Our shredding service makes raw materials of any shape and size ready for processing.

Custom formula processing

Realize your ideas! Have your preferred formula processed by Beologic.

Lot mixing

Beologic blends and packages your lots according to your specifications.


Particle size distribution is often an issue. Not for Beologic. Our screeners separate over- or undersized particles from the correct ones.


Whatever we process for you, our packaging and repacking service delivers the product in the approriate packaging.