About us


Since founding in 2000 as a strictly technologically focused company, Beologic is solely orientated in Wood Plastic Polymers. 
Over the years, due to development and our service-focused policy, Beologic faced a significant growth, together with our customers.
Today, we find ourselves as market, but much more as technology leader in supplying advanced WPC compounds.
Beologic has now a capacity of  20.000 metric tons a year with the chance to increase the output dramatically in the forthcoming years.
70% of our WPC production is PVC based. The rest splits between PP, PE & others.



As we are 100% service-focused, the Beologic team acts as a partner for our customers.
We would be pleased to meet you in the world of Beologic.
We are successful because our aim is to keep solutions simple but never compromise for price.

Mission statement

Our main aim is to supply standard sized, top quality WPC Compounds.
We also supply tailor-made material solutions for our partners.
Since 2009 Beologic offers an extensive customer support supplying know-how in R&D, tooling, processing, product development and tool refurbishment.