At Beologic, we have been building a sustainable environment since the start in 2000. As a manufacturer of sustainable compounds we have always been engaged to participate in the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection.

We are actively in pursuit of climate action and creating responsible ways to consume and produce products. This means that we want to create a reduced waste generation that uses our natural resources efficiently. We focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions with carbon-neutral organization and products. Sustainability is no trend word for us, it is all about measurable actions we take.

Our goal is to find the right balance between materials, processes, manufacturing and support.

As a member of the SDG Group, we achieve sustainability by finding the right balance between materials, processes, manufacturing and support. Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to address issues about sustainability globally, on all levels. Our ambition to replace plastics by less harmful polymers is driven by our strong belief in a circular economy with bio-based, biodegradable and recycled materials as feedstock. It is a challenging journey in which we progress day by day, step by step, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals.

why choose beologic?

We lead by example. As the Market leader in quality-approved materials and compounds, we are setting the current standards for sustainability worldwide. Our clients see us as their reliable partner for all their questions about their carbon footprint, sustainability and state of the art solutions. They also know that we have a wide and unique product portfolio, which allows us to adapt to all their current and future needs. We are driven by our knowledge, our analytical data and by the expertise that we gathered over the last two decades.

what solutions can we offer?

Beologic is a manufacturer of a wide range of sustainable compounds. The bio-based, sustainable and flexible solutions of Beologic give you all the options you need to realise your ideas. Whether you’re looking for mineral, natural, or hybrid compounds, we can supply them. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in sustainability, that’s why we manufacture and deliver unique, quality-approved materials each and every time, worldwide.


Since founding in 2000 Beologic has been orientated around the production of top quality Wood Plastic Polymers. Over the years, due to development and our service-focused policy, we faced a significant growth, together with our customers. We kept getting more and more specific demands from our customers to create more and even better materials, so we couldn’t just stand by idle.

Compared to when we were founded, our product range has extended quite a bit, but our personal touch towards our clients stayed the same. Today, Beologic has evolved to a manufacturer of compounds based on different polymers and natural fibers with a capacity of 20.000 metric tons a year. And we still have a chance to increase the output dramatically in the forthcoming years!

Beologic In Figures

3 commodities evolved to more than 400 different polymer compositions

20,000 metric tons production

35 employees

3 hectare site in Belgium

Respresented in 10 countries

7 tolling services
And a product range that’s constantly expanding...

Our products

where to find us

As we are 100% service-focused, the Beologic team acts as a partner for our customers.

Contact us via to get the information about your local sales agent or distributor. Beologic is represented in:

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the SDG group

In order to pursue the ambition of making plastic products more sustainable, Beologic became a member of the SDG Group. By combining their forces, each of these companies can tackle sustainability in their own expertise. We do our part by providing expertise on low – and carbon neutral compounds. Thanks to this alliance, Beologic can also benefit from strengthened collaborations to address sustainability at all levels.

Our Charter

The core values represent the essence of the SDG group’s identity. They explain the vision of all 5 companies and give an insight in what we believe in, in our principles and philosophy.
We don’t settle for less.

future focused

Our vision is long term. We couldn’t go for quick wins in the short term without pointing out a long term vision. Together we strive for durability while overseeing the total picture.

evangelist of a sustainable business

Constantly driven by knowledge, analytics and expertise, we base our solutions on facts and figures. We also use this information to make innovation an ongoing process.

no-nonsense mindset

Constantly driven by knowledge, analytics and expertise, we base our solutions on facts and figures.

out of the box answers

The impossible made possible. Technical challenges or specific requests are our speciality, while keeping an eye on the most sustainable solution. We might be the only one in for the challenge!

customer focused

We make, create, research, consult and manufacture for our customers and their specific requests. Together, we find the right balance between materials, processes, manufacturing and support.

fully flexible

We know that looking to the future is a process of trial and error. It requires learning, trying, failing and retrying. Adapting is in our nature and we tend to use that to your full advantage.

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Our actions count, everyday.
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