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More than 10 years ahead of the hype against Plastic Soup, the Beologic team were already involved in the development and production of bio-based compounds with natural fillers. Ever since, we have kept on looking for alternative materials, replacing traditional plastics without sacrificing their unique features.

Our ambition to replace plastics by less harmful polymers is driven by our strong belief in a circular economy with bio-based, bio-degradable and recycled materials as feedstock. It is a challenging journey in which we progress day by day, step by step.

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A logical product range

Our experience and the interaction with our customers has enabled us to rationalize our compound offer along two axes: biodegradability and the origin of the feedstock.

The illustration shows how our brands perform in terms of biodegradability and origin of the feedstock.In this framework, many possible combinations are yet to be explored. We look forward to your ideas.